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"Apology accepted. Trust denied."

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Friend time is the best time

Friend time is the best time

Whys everybody gotta tell me I talk in my sleep, eeeeep

Hungover brunch w my boo

Hungover brunch w my boo

No but he bought my drinks all night and we had the best conversation and he tells me I’m pretty and I hate it because I love it what is happening to meeeee

I like a boy and its dumb


Acacia Johnson

'Aialik', 2014.

In her series ‘Aialik’, Acacia Johnson explores northern environments, wilderness, and the human relationship to nature. The images present a mysterious, ethereal world of water and mist inhabited solely by women.
Photographed throughout the course of a summer in Alaska’s Kenai Fjords National Park, Aialik captures the dreamlike quality that Acacia Johnson finds so prevalent in northern places.

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I’m in love with her brother ok

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Breaking in my dancing boots tonight

Breaking in my dancing boots tonight

i splurged and bought a ton of mac makeup when i was in phoenix. now i’m having anxiety as to what to do w/ my face. THERES SO MUCH PRETTY STUFF. 

so good

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